35tph cement factory cooling project in Hebei Province

The single cylinder cooler is one of the important equipment in the rotary kiln system. The function of this equipment is to cool the clinker (1000-1300°C) from the rotary kiln to below 200°C, while improving the quality and grindability of the clinker. A customer in Hebei runs a small cement plant and now needs to purchase a single-cylinder cooler to improve its cement production line. The customer bought the crusher from Xingbang Heavy Industry in the past, and the effect was very good, so this time he came to the company to buy it immediately when there was a demand.


After on-site inspection, Xingbang Heavy Industry configured a large single-tube cooler with a model of Φ3.5x36m for the customer according to the customer's production demand. The weight of the host is 256.7t, and the production efficiency is as high as 35 t/h. During production, the high-temperature clinker enters the cooler through the feeding device. The cooler rotates to bring the animal material and air to fully heat exchange. At the same time, as the kiln body rotates continuously according to the designed slope and speed, the material is also periodically in the kiln Tumble forward to transport the raw materials from the feed end to the discharge end, and ensure that the materials are cooled to below 200°C during the time they pass through the rotary kiln.


1. Good cooling effect, large capacity, high operation rate, compact structure, stable operation, easy operation and maintenance.

2. The combined device of the circumferential lifting plate with various angles can greatly increase the heat exchange rate and shorten the cooling time.

3. All the air after cooling the materials can be fed into the kiln as secondary circulating air, which improves the thermal efficiency of the kiln. At the same time, it has a simple structure, high operation rate, and very convenient operation and maintenance.

Customer Reviews:

This is the second cooperation with Xingbang Heavy Industry. With the foundation of the previous cooperation, everyone cooperates very well. The sales staff of Xingbang Heavy Industry are very responsible for the purchase and installation of the entire equipment. In terms of site planning and design, equipment configuration and follow-up installation guidance, Xingbang Heavy Industry has shown its dedication and responsibility to customers.


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