40tph coal powder drying project in Shanxi

Rotary drum dryer, also known as drum drying equipment or drum dryer, is a common and widely used drying equipment in mining equipment. It is characterized by high productivity and easy operation. The barrel of the rotary drum dryer is a horizontal rotary cylinder, and its interior is welded with various copy plates with different staggered angles from front to back. The rotary kiln body is inlaid with different types of refractory bricks according to requirements. The material is equipped with door ring and spiral copy board. This customer opened a coal mine in Shaanxi. Due to the long service life of the mine’s dryer, it has been aging, and problems of all sizes have increased. Therefore, the customer intends to purchase a high-quality tumble dryer.


The tumble dryer is suitable for drying metal and non-gold tumble dryers, such as magnetic, heavy and float concentrates of mines, clay in the cement industry and coal slime in the coal industry. The dry wet material is sent to the feeder by the belt conveyor, and then enters the feeding end through the feeder. After the pulverized coal passes through the dryer, a cyclone dust collector is equipped, and the cyclone dust collector captures the materials contained in the gas. In order to further reduce the amount of dust in the exhaust gas, a bag filter is also configured to discharge after dust removal.


1. Reasonable structure, excellent production, high output, low energy consumption and convenient operation.

2. The dryer designed and produced with multi-combination lifting device has made many technological innovations in the lifting device system, and adopts a new multi-combination lifting device, which overcomes the "wind tunnel" of traditional dryers. Phenomenon, the thermal efficiency is high, and the coal consumption is reduced by about 20%.

3. It has a wide range of applications, it can be used to dry granular materials, and it is also very beneficial for those materials with high adhesion.

4. The operation flexibility is large, and the output of the product is allowed to have a large fluctuation range in production, which will not affect the quality of the product.

5. The use of a centralized control system can realize the microcomputer central monitoring and management of large enterprises.

Customer Reviews:

After inspecting a number of companies on the spot, Xingbang Heavy Industry was finally selected. The output of the dryer configured by Xingbang Heavy Industry is much higher than that of the same type of dryer, and its energy consumption is lower than that of the same type of dryer. Not only is the output high and the energy consumption low, but since the start of production, the production has been going on smoothly and orderly!


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