500t/h copper ore beneficiation project in Indonesia

Due to the strong stirring force of the copper ore flotation machine, the ore particles with a relatively large particle size and density can be suspended, and at the same time, it can promote the dispersion of incompatible agents. When copper ore enters the machine, it will float to the surface of the ore pulp after layer by layer processing, forming a layer of mineralized bubbles. Others are easily wetted by water, that is, mineral particles generally called hydrophilic do not adhere to the bubbles. , While staying in the pulp, the mineralized bubbles containing specific minerals are discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation. Indonesian customers are engaged in copper ore beneficiation. Now that the market demand is relatively large, and the company's original production capacity is a bit unable to keep up, they plan to purchase a flotation machine to match the company's production. The ore mineral composition of the project is relatively simple, and the metal minerals are mainly chalcopyrite and pyrite. Non-metallic minerals are mainly quartz, chlorite, etc.


In the flotation process, Xingbang Heavy Industry specially designed and modified the flotation machine for beneficiation due to the large proportion of the ore processed by the plant and the coarser particle size. The use of high-quality and strong materials greatly improves the wear resistance. , Breaking the situation of low durability of the previous rod flotation machine. In the flotation process, the processing capacity reaches 500t/d, and the energy consumption is relatively low.


1. Large suction volume, low power consumption and high flotation efficiency.

2. The slurry in the tank is recycled, which is beneficial to the suspended recovery of coarse-grained minerals.

3. It is equipped with manual control, automatic control and electric control device for the pulp surface, which is convenient to adjust.

4. The slurry circulation is reasonable, which can greatly reduce the precipitation of coarse sand.

Customer Reviews:

After many investigations, Xingbang Heavy Industry was finally selected. The flotation production line has stable performance, high efficiency, long service life, and strong reference. From its use to the present, its performance is very stable. Hope to increase communication and cooperation in the future!


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