Fujian 300t/h River Pebble Sand Production Line

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous increase of infrastructure, the natural sand and gravel resources have been continuously consumed, and now they have gradually shrunk and dried up. Accompanied by the continuous development of machine-made sand, the huge market demand has stimulated the rapid development of machine-made sand. The client's location has abundant river pebble resources, and river pebble sand production has considerable profit margins. Therefore, the Fujian client intends to invest in a production line of river pebble machine-made sand. After investigation and understanding of many companies, due to the outstanding performance of Xingbang Heavy Industry, the Guangxi customer finally cooperated with Xingbang Heavy Industry.


The machine-made sand crushing production line is divided into three production stages: coarse crushing, medium crushing and sand making. After on-site inspection by technical experts of Xingbang Heavy Industries, and combining with the actual needs of customers, Xingbang Heavy Industries has formulated the following crushing and sand making production plans for customers: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, The sand washing machine is equipped with a vibrating screen to form a completed production line. For coarse crushing, jaw crusher is selected, which has strong crushing ability and good crushing effect on hard materials. The impact crusher is used in the middle crusher, which has strong processing capacity, high-strength rotor, heavy-duty design, large moment of inertia and impact crushing force, and is more suitable for crushing large pieces of material. The material with qualified particle size enters the sand making machine for sand making, and then passes through the sand washing machine to finally produce qualified machine-made sand products.


1. The machine-made sand production line is customized according to customer needs, scientific and reasonable, full technical support, after-sales service guarantee, customer peace of mind and effort.

2. The jaw crusher adopts high-quality hardware, the movable jaw assembly adopts high-quality steel castings, the jaw plate type and thickness are optimized, and the manganese steel alloy material is used to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment. Increase output and reduce use cost.

3. The selected counter-attack crushing equipment has strong processing capacity, high-strength rotor, heavy-duty design, large moment of inertia and impact crushing force, and is more suitable for crushing bulk materials.

4. The selected sand making machine is Xingbang Heavy Industry's new generation of machine-made sand production equipment, which combines high stability and high productivity, and is often used in the final process of the crushing sand production line.

5. The two vibrating screens equipped with high-quality screen bodies and bearings have good screening effect and long service life.

Customer Reviews:

The technicians of Xingbang Heavy Industry have very rich design and construction experience in the design of machine-made sand production line, and they have given full guidance on the construction of our production line. Since the start of the production line and the operation of the equipment, the performance of the machine has been stable, the output has reached the design requirements, and the perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service are also very good. The cooperation is very pleasant!


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