Guangxi 400t/h diopside crushing project

Diopside is a natural calcium-magnesium silicate with a hardness of 5.5-6. Because it can realize low-temperature fast firing of ceramics and improve the performance of ceramics, it is widely used in electrical porcelain, architectural ceramics and daily ceramic industries. Good new energy-saving additives and ceramic raw materials, so the finished product requires high fineness index and low impurity content. In order to meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets, this customer in Guangxi plans to build the "Diopside" project, which can effectively promote local economic development, provide a large number of jobs for the society, and make a huge contribution to local finance.


After on-site inspection and analysis, our project engineers combined the actual needs of customers and the crushing concept of more screening and less breaking, more breaking and less grinding, and designed a convenient two-stage crushing production line for the company. One-stage crushing adopts an excellent C series jaw crusher. , The second stage of crushing is equipped with a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with strong crushing capacity and large output, plus two high-frequency vibrating screens for screening treatment, and the unqualified screening is returned to the crusher through the belt to continue Broken, greatly improving the production efficiency of customers.


1. Two-stage crushing is adopted, jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing, and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is used for medium and fine crushing. The production efficiency is high, and the quality of finished products is excellent, which meets the high requirements of customers for finished stones.

2. The equipment is tightly sealed and equipped with auxiliary dust reduction equipment, which is environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of green production.

3. The production process is simple, the hydraulic drive adjustment device is selected, it is easy to realize the automation of equipment production, the automation degree is high, the operation is simple, and the management is convenient.

4. The produced product has good grain shape and reasonable gradation.

5. With professional senior technical personnel, we can configure advanced and reasonable crushing and screening production lines for customers according to their own needs.

Customer Reviews:

There are many stone crushing equipment manufacturers, and the crusher market is also mixed. Therefore, we are also very cautious when selecting manufacturers and equipment. To be able to produce high-quality sand and gravel aggregates, but also to have a higher cost performance, it is necessary to have a professional technical team to provide perfect after-sales service. I also visited many manufacturers on the spot. After many inspections and comparisons, I finally chose Xingbang Heavy Industries. Since it was put into production, the equipment has been running well and the production capacity has been efficient, which is very good!


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