Inner Mongolia machine-made sand 320t/h production line

Due to the rapid economic development, the consumption of sand and gravel resources is also increasing day by day, and the natural sand and gravel resources are facing the danger of being depleted day by day. As the name suggests, machine-made sand is made by machines, not natural sand and gravel resources, but sand that meets the standard is good sand. Due to the increasing demand in the machine-made sand industry, more and more bosses have devoted themselves to the production of machine-made sand. The client from Inner Mongolia saw the hotness of the machine-made sand industry and planned to invest in machine-made sand production projects. Local natural sand and gravel resources are lacking, but there are more local marbles, ore wastes and various rocks.


In this project, we equipped our customers with vibrating feeders, jaw crushers, impact crushers, impact sand making machines, spiral scrubbers, which are used for crushing marble, ore waste and various rocks. , The stone is first sent to the vibrating feeder, then crushed and screened, and then sent to the sand maker through the conveying system. After the sand maker is crushed, the finished sand required by the customer is screened through the vibrating screen, and the customer can according to the market Demand, adjust the granularity of finished sand.


1. Three-stage crushing is adopted, jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing, impact crusher is used for medium crushing, and impact sand making machine is used for fine crushing. The finished sand produced is of good grade, high quality, and finished sand size. Adjustable and controllable.

2. The entire production line is specially customized according to the actual needs of customers, which is scientific, reasonable and environmentally friendly.

3. The configured production line has high production efficiency and excellent quality of finished products, which meets the high requirements of customers for finished sand and gravel materials.

4. Xingbang Heavy Industries provides customers with technical support throughout the process, and after-sales service is guaranteed, so that customers can save worry and effort in subsequent production.

5. There are many types of applicable materials. Not only marble, river pebble, granite and other materials can be configured with this production line, which is flexible and versatile.

Customer Reviews:

With practical actions, Xingbang Heavy Industry made me understand that the excellent crusher production line is indeed very good. It not only runs stably, works efficiently, but also has no pollution in the whole process. The machine-made sand produced by crushing is also very good, which meets the demand for high-standard sand. There are many customers, and there are few quality problems. They like to use such equipment very much. If you need it next time, you should choose Xingbang Heavy Industry!


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