Russia 1000t/h copper ore beneficiation project

    Russia is rich in copper resources. According to data from Russia's National Reserve Balance Sheet, as of 2015, Russia had copper reserves of 91.85 million tons and copper output of 878,100 tons, ranking third and sixth in the world. A total of 164 copper deposits in Russia are listed in the national reserve balance table, of which 103 copper deposits have on-balance sheet reserves, and these deposits are relatively large in scale. There are more copper mines and cheaper prices than silver mines. In today's world, more than half of copper is used in the power and telecommunications industries. The copper ore dressing plant of the Russian customer needs to purchase additional flotation machines to expand the production scale. When copper ore enters the machine, it will float to the surface of the ore pulp after layer by layer processing, forming a layer of mineralized bubbles. Others are easily wetted by water, that is, mineral particles generally called hydrophilic do not adhere to the bubbles. , While staying in the pulp, the mineralized bubbles containing specific minerals are discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.



    The structure device of Xingbang Heavy Industry Flotation Machine is mainly composed of slurry tank, stirring device, aeration device, mineralized bubble discharge device, electric motor, etc. After the pulp and medicament are fully contacted and pre-mineralized by the stirring tank, they will flow into the first chamber of the flotation machine through the central feed pipe by using a certain pressure difference. The air pipe is sucked in. Under the strong stirring, rolling and diffusion action of the impeller stator, the bubbles are crushed, and the selected mineral contacts the agent and becomes hydrophobic. It collides with the bubbles multiple times and "mineralizes". The upper part of the body forms a foam layer, which is scraped out and filtered by a scraper to form a concentrate. In the flotation process, the processing capacity reaches 1000 t/h, and the energy consumption is relatively low.


    1. Large suction volume, low power consumption and high flotation efficiency.

    2. The slurry in the tank is recycled, which is beneficial to the suspended recovery of coarse-grained minerals.

    3. It is equipped with manual control, automatic control and electric control device for the pulp surface, which is convenient to adjust.

    4. The slurry circulation is reasonable, which can greatly reduce the precipitation of coarse sand.

    Customer Reviews:

    I also saw the product of Xingbang Heavy Industry selected by my friend, which is indeed very good, so I came directly this time. From our visit to Xingbang Heavy Industry to the engineers planning the site for us, to the design plan, we are very satisfied with it. As a large company in the industry, their pre-sales support, sales and after-sales service are in place and comprehensive.


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