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High-efficient Agitators

【Feeding size】:Slurry and drugs 【Capacity】Process adjustment
Product synopsis:

Agitator is sued for various metallic ore, mainly for stirring and mixing the drugs with slurry before flotation

Application field:

It suits mine beneficiation and chemical industry for stirring work.

Applicable material:

Gold, silver, copper, coal, etc

Product Advantage


1. Structure
Impeller has advanced structure, it is stronger in the mixing capacity. This agitator used in the impeller is the umbrella shape, large diameter, fast, this device can enhance the slurry mixing capacity and circulation capacity, not only this can be based on the customer's requires for different agitation concentrations.
2.The ability of the pulp to accumulate is strong, thereby increasing the index of the suspension. There is a device called a pilot fluid in the agitated tank, with a great negative compression in a limited space, which accelerates the suction capacity and enhances the circulation of the pulp , Thereby increasing the suction capacity and the ability to cycle. There is no spray body in the lower part of the fluid, the circulation ability is stronger, and it is helpful to improve the suspension standard.

Technical Parameters

Specification Internal sizes Effective volume Agitator Motor Weight
Depth (m³) Dia.
Rotary speed
Model Power
XB-750 750 750 0.26 240 530 Y90S-4 1.1 550
XB-1000 1000 1000 0.58 240 530 Y90L-4 1.5 700
XB-1200 1200 1200 1.14 400 320 Y100L2-4 3 980
XB-1500 1500 1500 2.2 400 320 Y100L2-4 3 1330
XB-2000 2000 2000 5.46 550 230 Y132M2-6 5.5 2100
XB-2500 2500 2500 11.2 650 200 Y160L-6 11 980
XB-3000 3000 3000 19.1 700 210 Y225S-8 18.5 1330
XB-3500 3500 3500 30 230   Y225M-8 22 2100

Relevant Case

Shanxi 800tph cement plant

German iron ore crushing

France mobile marble crushing plant

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