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Tianjin active lime production line


【Processing of materials】:Active lime

【Material granularity】:0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm

【Discharge size】:5-10mm、10-20mm、20-30mm

【Equipment configuration】:ROTARY KILN

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Project Analysis

Active lime production line refers to the production line of active lime. The production line of lime is composed mainly of the body, the broken cone and the suspension gear. The body is made up of three parts and is connected to each other by bolts. Upper and middle are set with two rows of high manganese steel lining board, central body lining bearing on the flange of the body, lime production line with the top of the upper body with grooves to lining board, in order to avoid broken happens when the thrust plate will launch. The casting of zinc alloy in the interstitial space between the body and the liner makes them tightly combined. The lime production line has been broken down by the stone material, along the lower part of the body, which is lined with slant and oblique chute. The waste is a great economic and environmental benefit for the company and the environment。

Customer Feedback

XBM design and production of new dry process cement production line is raw and rotary kiln calcining technology based on the field, with suspended preheating and kiln outside the decomposition technology as the core of the modern cement production method, the production capacity of large, high degree of automation, high quality, low energy consumption, low harmful emissions, large industrial waste utilization, by the positive recognition of the clients.

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