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Indonesian construction waste disposal


【Processing of materials】:Construction waste

【Material granularity】:0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm

【Discharge size】:5-10mm、10-20mm、20-30mm

【Equipment configuration】:CRAWLER JAW CRUSHERS

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Project Analysis

Customers in India need to be treated for demolition construction waste. When the device output up to 350 tons per hour, with high crushing ratio, can deal with particle size of more than 700 centimeters of construction waste concrete block, directly into the site work, convenient and quick, the equipment is easy to transport and install into the short time, suitable for city, some remote places, such as in open-pit mine, quarry operations

Customer Feedback

Chinese tire cone broken mobile crushing plant high grinding efficiency, broken than large, without installing into the scene to direct the work, saves the construction waste transportation process cumbersome process, after crushing material also can be used as recycled aggregates, not only the cost is low, and the quality is very good, use effect is very satisfied.

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