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Brazil 950t/h iron ore


【Processing of materials】:Iron ore

【Material granularity】:≤1500mm

【Discharge size】:13-35mm


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Project Analysis

Iron ore resources are dwindling, iron ore resources characteristic is more lean ore, rich ore less, associated minerals, mineral composition is complicated, ore disseminated extent is small, mostly to dressing caused some difficulties. Technically, advanced technology, advanced technology and advanced equipment are urgently needed to promote the efficient development and utilization of poor iron ore resources. Is made of super finely coarse primary tail optimization process, it is the poor iron ore increase production capacity, saving energy and reducing consumption, to create a good economic benefit effective method. From economic benefits, concentrator for lean iron ore production, must expand the scale of production, must enlarge the processing capacity of run of mine ore, saving energy and reducing consumption, reduce the cost of ore dressing process will have good economic benefit. Before the ore is entered into the mill, some of the pulverial mineral preselected in the ore will be removed, which should be lost before it is realized, which can be used to improve the grade of the ore.

Customer Feedback

The customer value the stability of equipment operation, development, the company's products for its iron ore production process, improve the production capacity, saving energy and reducing consumption, create a good economic benefit, in the long run, save a lot of cost for the customer, also fully achieve the expected output, profit is good.

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