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German iron ore crushing

【Yield】:2 million tons/year

【Processing of materials】:Iron ore

【Material granularity】:≤1500mm

【Discharge size】:20-30mm

【Equipment configuration】:HYDRAULIC CONE CRUSHERS

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Project Analysis

Chinese heavy industry to undertake at the end of 2008 the German beneficiation technology scheme design of a low grade iron ore plant research, the concentrator processing iron ore grade is lower than 15%, is not considered worth mining ore. Through the determination of reasonable mining scale and mineral processing production process, obtains the good economic benefit, fully proved that the development of heavy mineral processing scheme design ability and the quality of the mineral processing equipment。 

Customer Feedback

The plant has been in production for more than half a year, the production index has reached or exceeded the design production target, the production benefit is good. The good results are due to the high price of iron ore, reasonable process flow, the scale benefit of production and perfect production management and cost control. The project is successful, gave us the enlightenment that the past without the development and utilization value of low grade magnetite ore, through development, heavy industry to determine the reasonable scale and reasonable ore dressing process, completely has development value, and good economic benefit can be obtained.

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