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Building broken production line

【Yield】:1600 / day

【Processing of materials】:Limestone, granite, basalt, pebble and slag

【Material granularity】:0-300mm

【Discharge size】:0-5mm、5-10mm、10-20mm、20-30mm

【Equipment configuration】:Jaw crusher、Counterattack crusher 、Vibrating screen

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Project Analysis

The production process of the construction waste concrete, waste brick, stone, etc in the jaw crusher for simple coarse crushing, and then into the back of broken and finely, and access to the vibrating screen for screening. Qualified stone via a belt conveyer into dry type magnetic separator iron processing, unqualified broken stone into the counterattack broken again, so as to form a closed cycle, guarantee the quality of stone material specifications.

Customer Feedback

The investment is small, and the investment is only one third of the traditional production line of the same capacity.The cost is low, and the production cost per ton of sandstone is only one third of the traditional production line - 1/4.The degree of automation is high, with only three people per shift.The investment return period is short, the investment return period is short, general 3 months can recover investment.The quality of finished product is uniform, the grain shape is good, the grade is reasonable, it is completely consistent with the national construction sand standard.

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