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Grinding production line


【Processing of materials】:Granite、 bright green rock、 limestone、 calcite

【Material granularity】:0-300mm

【Discharge size】:0-5mm、5-10mm、10-20mm、20-30mm

【Equipment configuration】:Jaw crusher、Raymond mill 、Vibrating feeder

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Project Analysis

The whole machine structure is made up of host, analysis machine, plumbing, air blower, mandibles crusher, winnowing pan hoist, bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder, power distribution cabinets, etc. The working process of the machine: big block material after jaw crusher broken to the required size, the elevator will be material to the bunker, again by vibrating feeder evenly quantitative continuously the material to host grinding chamber for grinding, grinding FenZi after being taken away by fan, by the analysis of machine grading, fineness FenZi varies with air flow into the big cyclone collector, separation collection, then through the powder tube eduction is the finished product powder. The air flow is then carried by the large cyclone collector to the wind tube suction blower. The entire air flow system is enclosed and circulatory and circulates in positive and negative pressure. In indoor by grinding material with certain water content, mill grinding heat cause indoor gas evaporation changes the gas flow, at the same time because of the whole machine each pipe junction, such as untight seal air is sucked into the outside world, circulate air volume increased, by adjusting the fan and host the ductwork between the air flow to achieve the balance, and import the excess gas inside the bag dust catcher, residual air into fine FenZi collection down, more gas purified the back out.

Customer Feedback

High efficiency and energy conservation and environmental protection, provide customers with complete solutions such as crushing, drying, grinding, screening, packaging integrated design, supply, construction and service. Special dust collector, the dust emission is low, the dust effect reaches 99.99%, the basic implementation workshop has no dusting operation. Low noise, low machine vibration.Multi-usage, economic investment, cover an area of an area small, low investment cost, without any replacement parts, a device used in the finished product grain size of different materials and different requirements.Simple operation, reliable operation, automatic control system, high automation, remote control, easy operation.The finished product quality is stable, the crushing ratio is bigger, the powder rate is high, the finished product granularity is uniform, the finished product quality is stable.

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