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Building crushing production line


【Processing of materials】:All kinds of ores

【Material granularity】:20-40mm

【Discharge size】:0-5mm、5-10mm、10-20mm、20-30mm

【Equipment configuration】:Jaw crusher、Cone crusher、Ball mill

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Project Analysis

Mining ores first by the jaw crusher preliminary broken, after the broken to a reasonable fineness via the elevator, feeder evenly into the ball mill, the ball mill for ore crushing, grinding. Through the grinding of the mill of the mill, the process of the next process: classification.
A, after and grading of the mineral mixture after magnetic separation machine, due to various mineral than susceptibility, through magnetic force and mechanical force will mixture of magnetic materials.
B, after and classification of mineral mixture after magnetic separation machine, through the mixing barrel after dressing material is separated out, because it contains a lot of water, must obtain the preliminary enrichment of thickener, then through the dryer drying, drying of minerals can be

Customer Feedback

Beneficiation production line complete set of equipment including ore supply, crushing, ball mill, magnetic separation, flotation and other processes, the use of advanced dust, dust removal device, won't produce pollution to the surroundings. The production line is characterized by high efficiency, low consumption, reasonable economy, high production capacity and convenient usage.

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