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Dolomite crystals are the carbonate mineral 1 of the trigonal crystal system. The chemical composition is CaMg (CO3) 2. Iron, manganese, etc. When iron or manganese exceeds magnesium, it is called an iron dolomite or manganese dolomite. The trigonal crystal system, the crystal is in the base of the rhomboid, which is often bent into a saddle shape, and the polygonal twin is common. The aggregate is usually granular. The pure is white; Iron is gray in colour; The weathering is brown. Glass luster. It is the main mineral that forms the dolomite. The formation of dolomite deposits in Marine facies is often produced by the formation of alternating layers of diamond and limestone.

Technological Process

Phase one: breakage
The bulk material of dolomite is broken down to the thickness of the material (15mm - 50mm).
Stage 2: grind powder
After the broken pieces of white marble, the material is sent to the warehouse by the hoist, and then the machine will be used to grind the machine in the grinding machine.The machine is made of LM vertical roller mill, MTW European grinding machine and TGM superpressure trapezoid mill.Ultrafine powder processing is commonly used in LUM super fine vertical grinding machine, HGM medium speed micropowder grinding.

Material Processing Equipment

Application Field