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The slippery stone is known as the softest mineral, with mohs hardness of 1. A nail can be scratched on a slippery stone. The talc is usually white, bluish or green. Talc is usually metamorphosed from the rock of magnesium. The talc is made up of the Mg3 [Si4O10] (OH) 2, the layered structure silicate minerals of the triclinic crystal. Pseudomorphic schist is rarely seen, usually in dense clumps, leaf, fibrous, or radiated aggregates. White or all kinds of light color, the stripe is often white, the fat luster (block) or the pearl luster (the aggregate), translucent.

Technological Process

Phase one: breakage
The sliding stone material is broken into the material (15mm - 50mm) that can enter the mill.
Stage 2: grind powder
After the broken rock, the material is sent to the warehouse by the hoist, and then the machine will be used to grind the grinding machine.The machine is made of LM vertical roller mill, MTW European grinding machine and TGM superpressure trapezoid mill.
Ultrafine powder processing is commonly used in LUM super fine vertical grinding machine, HGM medium speed micropowder grinding.
Stage 3: sizing
The material is graded by the mill, and the non-qualified powder is graded by the mill and then returned to the main engine.
Stage 4: powder
Fineness FenZi varies with air flow through the pipe into the dust collector to separate collection, collection of finished product FenZi the discharging mouth by conveying device is sent to the finished product bin, reunification with filling tank car or automatic packing machine for packing.

Material Processing Equipment

Application Field