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Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral which is the most common form of calcium carbonate. As a result, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. Calcite crystal shape varied, their aggregate can be clusters of crystals, can also be a granular, block, fibrous, stalactite, soil and so on. A striking calcite can be obtained by a lot of square fragments, hence the name calcite. The color of calcite is different from the impurities which contain the impurities, such as iron manganese, light yellow, light red, tan and so on. But mostly white or colorless. A colorless, transparent calcite is also called an ice bank, and one of the wonderful features of calcite is that it can see a double image of an object.

Technological Process

Stage 1: the crushing of the broken calcite is broken down to the thickness (15mm - 50mm) of the mill.Break in the second stage: flour calcite after the small piece of material by the elevator, to the bunker, then through vibrating feeder will be the uniform quantitative into mill grinding indoor grinding. The machine is made of LM vertical roller mill, MTW European grinding machine and TGM superpressure trapezoid mill. Ultrafine powder processing is commonly used in LUM super fine vertical grinding machine, HGM medium speed micropowder grinding.


Material Processing Equipment

Application Field