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Pebble is a kind of natural stone material, from experienced thousands of years ago after the movement of the earth's crust uplift by ancient riverbed of sandstone in the mountains, experiencing the mountain torrent shock, water transport in the process of continuous extrusion and friction. In the tens of thousands of years vicissitudes of life in the process of evolution, they endure waves playing water sports, be gravel collision friction loss of the irregular edges, and sediment buried deeply under the ground in a silent for ten million years.

Technological Process

1: the pebble is coarse
Large pebble by bin by vibrating feeder evenly feeding, transportation to jaw crusher for primary crushing, after crushed pebble after sieve screening, by belt conveyor to counterattack crusher or cone crusher are finely.
2: the shingle of the pebbles
To counter/cone breaking the cobble after finely in the use of circular vibrating screen for screening, larger particles of pebble to return to the counter/cone breaking broken again.
3: pebble sand
To further break the shingle, such as a clean water pebble, to be washed by the washing machine.
4: packaging
After drying the finished water pebble is packed and stored.

Material Processing Equipment

Application Field