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Gold ore, ore containing the elements or gold compounds, can after dressing become high gold grade of the concentrate or gold ore and gold concentrate smelting takes commission, to be of pure gold and gold products. 1. Large, rich in gold, a meteor fall formation of the formation is the finest gold. 2. Rich in gold large meteor when through the atmosphere, because the temperature is too high, uneven heating, meteors have different internal composition, melting point and gasification point is different, so produce explosion, explosion of tiny particles continue to burn, like the hail, falls in a certain area on the earth.

Technological Process

Stage 1: broken screen breaks - three pieces of closed circuit broken
A large chunk of gold ore is crushed by the vibration feeding machine into the jaw crusher or the movable jaw crushing station. After the coarse broken gold ore is sieving, it is carried by belt conveyor to the cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. The gold ore material in the middle ground is carried into a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.
Stage 2: grind powder
Will go through sieve sieve 0-12 mm gold evenly into the ball mill for grinding, and by the spiral classifier screening, does not conform to the requirements are fed into the ball mill to grind powder;
Stage three: concentration
Ore dressing process, as a result of various types and different nature of gold ore, ore dressing methods are different, but generally used gravity separation, flotation, amalgamation, cyanide and today's resin slurry method, carbon adsorption method, new technology of heap leaching of gold. For certain kinds of ores, the process of joint tijin process is often used.

Material Processing Equipment

Application Field