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Chalcopyrite copper ore mineral is the main, generally by the Cu, Fe, S three elements, theory of Cu 34.56 (%), Fe 30.52, 34.92, S theory of chemical formula for CuFeS2. Copper ore is mined from copper ore, can after dressing become higher copper grade of copper concentrate or copper ore, copper concentrate takes smelting commission, to be pure copper and copper products. Copper ore variety: mainly natural copper, yellow copper ore, spot copper, bright copper, blue copper, copper blue, malachite, etc.

Technological Process

Stage 1: broken screen breaks - three pieces of closed circuit broken
Large blocks of copper ore are crushed by the vibration feeding machine into the jaw crusher or the movable jaw breaking station. After the coarse broken copper ore is sieving, the belt conveyor is sent to the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. The copper ore material in the middle ground is carried into a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.
Phase two: grinding powder - a two-piece closure mill
Will go through sieve sieve 0-12 mm copper powder evenly into the ball mill for grinding powder, and the spiral classifier screening, does not conform to the requirements are fed into the ball mill to grind powder;
Stage three: selecting ore - flotation process
The copper powder will be fed into a flotation machine by mixing the copper powder into the flotation machine, and then the copper powder will be sent to the dryer to dry.

Material Processing Equipment

Application Field