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Lead-zinc mine, is rich in metallic element lead and zinc mineral, lead and zinc, widely used in electrical industry, machinery industry, military industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, light industry and pharmaceutical industry, etc. In addition, lead metals have more USES in the nuclear industry, oil industry and other sectors. China's lead and zinc mines are concentrated in yunnan, Inner Mongolia, gansu, guangdong, hunan and guangxi. Lead is one of the earliest metals extracted from the lead-zinc ore.


Technological Process

Stage 1: broken screen breaks - three pieces of closed circuit broken
Large blocks of lead and zinc ore are crushed by the vibration feeding machine into the jaw crusher or the movable jaw crushing station. After the shagging of the lead-zinc ore was sieving, the belt conveyor was sent to the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. The material of the lead-zinc ore which was broken into a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher was crushed.Phase two: grinding powder - a two-piece closure
Will go through sieve sieve 0-12 mm lead zinc powder evenly into the ball mill for grinding, and by the spiral classifier screening, does not conform to the requirements are fed into the ball mill to grind powder;
Stage three: selecting ore - flotation process
The lead and zinc powder will be fed into the flotation machine for mixed flotation, and the lead zinc powder will be sent to the dryer to dry.

Material Processing Equipment

Application Field