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Aluminum ore industrial aluminum ore cutoff grade index of strip mining and mining pit al-si ratio is 1.8 ~ 1.8, alumina ≧ 40%, the lowest industrial grade, open-pit mining ≧ 3.5 al-si ratio, pit mining ≧ 3.8, 55% alumina ≧. A water hard alumina is also known as alumina, and the formula and molecular formula are AlO (OH) and Al2O3 H2O. Diamond crystal system, aluminum soluble in acid and alkali, but it is very weak in normal temperature and pressure, it should be fully decomposed at high temperature, high pressure and strong acid or alkali concentration.

Technological Process

Stage one: calcining
The raw materials are sent to calcined furnaces for high temperature calcining, and the drying can be done in part.
Phase two: broken
After calcining, the material is crushed by the jaw crusher and then fed into the bauxite mill.
Stage 3: powder mill
After crushing material entering the mill production system, the whole operation process such as grinding, sorting are completed within the mill automation, fuck machine personnel shall pay close attention to the electric control cabinet instrument data.
Stage 4: finished packaging
The qualified bauxite powder is released by the discharge valve and the finished product is packaged.

Material Processing Equipment

Application Field