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The four major links ensure the maximum value of the customer engineering period
  • Pre-sales support

    Understand customer requirements, free design provision, and project construction plan.

  • Sale control

    Field field trip, optimize the better plan in time, arrange the engineers, ensure the construction progress, and do the infrastructure construction.

  • After-sale service

    To guide and adjust the installation and commissioning of the whole production line, and to train the customers on-site

  • Regular visit

    Regular customers return and make reasonable Suggestions for the on-site problems, and the service for the whole life

Quality three guarantees the quality of your purchase

Three pack clause

Development, heavy crusher, sand making machine, milling machine, mobile station equipment warranty period calculated from the date of unit commissioning, user with invoice and warranty certificate enjoy the machine one year free warranty service, the warranty period of equipment under normal use for the unit itself quality problem caused by the maintenance of maintenance fee shall be borne by the Chinese heavy industry co., LTD. For the specific implementation of the regulations, please refer to "xingbang heavy industry installation confirmation certificate" and "xingbang heavy industry user information card".

One year warranty

The product is carried out three packs, the warranty period half a year, does not contain the vulnerable part. (note: three packs of products because of quality problems and needs to be repair, replacement or return), belonging to 3 packets within the scope of the direct costs, such as freight, accessories, 3 packets of technical staff accommodation and travel expenses and other direct costs shall be borne by party a or loan refund within this contract. Party a shall not bear any indirect losses and expenses incurred in addition to the loan in this contract. Party a sends technicians to guide the installation and commissioning, and party b shall be responsible for the accommodation of the technical personnel.

Standardize the complaint processing system

During the operation of the customer project, the customer can make complaint feedback if any problem occurs in the production line. We promise to complete the problem within 24 hours and issue a solution to solve the problem within 3/10 days.