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How does xingbang take advantage of the sandy mine


           The limestone is fine and the surface is exposed to the surface, it is easy to exploit and the development cost is low, easy to process and comprehensive utilization. The limestone grinding process can be applied in many fields, which can be used in many fields, and it has gained considerable economic benefit, so in recent years, the limestone processing industry has gradually become hot. With considerable economic benefit, the limestone processing industry has been gradually becoming hot in recent years

According to the different grinding fineness, limestone can be divided into four different specifications: solo powder (95% through 200 mesh), powder (99% through 325 mesh), three fly powder (99.9% through 325 mesh) and four flying powder (99.95% through 400 mesh), used in different industrial sectors. Single flying powder: raw materials for calcium chloride, sodium bichromate, glass and cement, as well as construction materials and poultry feed. Double flying powder: white packing of calcium chloride and glass, rubber and paint, and building materials. Flying powder: used as filler for plastic, coating putty, plywood and paint. Flying powder: used as packing for wire insulation, rubber moulding and bituminous asphalt.

Lime stone mill powder machine is the heavy industry science and technology has a number of patented technology products, independent internal bevel gear transmission, thin oil lubrication system, the curved duct, etc., are all heavy dawn the crystallization of flour milling technology experts show originality, highly efficient, low cost, reliable operation.