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XBM hydraulic cone crusher


          Hydraulic conical break is HPC hydraulic conical crusher, which is developed by using multi-cylinder taper break work principle. The equipment has greatly increased the production capacity and crushing efficiency, also enlarged the application range, is replaced by replacing the spring cone crusher in mine construction industry today and general hydraulic cone crusher is the latest generation of products. Widely used in metallurgy, construction, water and electricity, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry, is suitable for crushing hard and all kinds of ores and rocks of medium hardness above, is the most ideal equipment of large Shi Liaochang and mining crushing. It has the characteristics of reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment and economy. The type of the broken cavity is determined by the use of the ore, and the standard applies to the middle ground. Medium cone crusher is suitable for fine crushing. The short head cone crusher is suitable for extra-fine crushing.
Hydraulic cone break at work, the rotation of the motor through the pulley or coupling, transmission shaft and cone under eccentric sleeve forced to move around a fixed for rotary pendulum movement, so that the cone crusher in the crushing wall and sometimes near and sometimes leave the solid mounted on the adjustment of white wall surface rolling, the ore in the continuing impact crushing cavity, extrusion and bending effect and realization of ore crushing. Its spring insurance system is an overload protection device, which can be used to separate the metal from the machine by breaking the cavity without endangering the machine, so as to keep the powder and lubricating oil apart and ensure reliable work. In do not break the foreign body through the crushing chamber machine is overload or for some reason, the spring insurance system, increase row ore mouth, foreign bodies from the crushing cavity, such as foreign body card in the row of ore can use clear chamber system, make the row ore continues to increase, the foreign body eliminate crushing cavity. Under the action of spring, the discharge is automatically reset, and the machine is back to normal operation.
Technology advantage:
Hydraulic conic (HPC series) has more advantages than the spring cone crusher and general hydraulic cone crusher:
1, the breakage is bigger than the big, the production efficiency is high
Combined with higher speed and stroke, the rated power of HP crusher is greatly improved, and the crushing ratio and efficiency of production are improved...
2.The cost of the vulnerability is low and the running cost is low
The result is reasonable, the broken principle and the technical parameters are advanced, the operation is reliable, the running cost is low; All parts of the crusher are protected by wear and wear, reducing the maintenance costs to the minimum... The average life span can be increased by over 30%. It is applied to the large stone materials factory, which solves the shortcoming of the broken average crushing ratio, the energy consumption, the hammer head, the counter plate and the wearing plate.
3, the laminate is crushed, the finished product is excellent
- intergranular laminated principle design through the use of special crushing cavity, and the matching speed, to replace the traditional single grain crushing principle, realize the selective crushing of material significantly increase the content of product material proportion and cube, largely reduces the needle flake material. ......
4.High degree of automation, reduce downtime
The hydraulic regulation discharge and overload protection have greatly improved the operation level of the crusher, making the maintenance easier, easier to operate, and shorter downtime. HP series cone crusher tow-way iron release of hydraulic cylinder can let iron by crushing cavity, it happened in the iron and instantaneous stuffy car, will have top, hydraulic automatic row material, greatly reduces the original spring cone crusher to stop discharging manually, and many other manufacturers of crusher will shutdown due to a canvas for death. ......
5.Thin oil lubrication, reliable advanced, improve service life
Unique and thin oil lubrication system design, fully embody... Greatly improved the service life of the equipment. High performance contactless labyrinth seals are not worn, improving the reliability of blocking dust... The common failures of the oil and water of the original spring cone crusher were eliminated.
6.Various types of broken cavity, flexible and adaptable
The HP cone crusher will only need to replace the taper liner, the moving cone and... The fractal cavity can be changed from the standard superthick cavity type to the short head superfine cavity, which is suitable for the large scale product granularity requirement. HP cone crusher all parts are available from the top or side disassembling and maintenance, moving cone and cone tear open outfit is convenient, need not tear open machine frame, the bolt, thus HP cone crusher daily change of lining board is more convenient. The hydraulic motor is used to make the crusher produce the best efficiency. It provides higher production capacity, the best product grain shape, and easy to control automatically, with a maximum reliability and flexibility, truly create more value for the user.