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How to do the lubrication work of different mining machinery



           Machine as the pioneer of mining machinery manufacturing enterprises, development, production of mining machinery equipment not only a kind of nature, for hundreds of different kinds of mining machinery equipment, how to do a good job of lubricating them? The xingbang machine, as a design and production company, is naturally well aware of this.

1.The lubrication of the most common type of gear in a crusher
The lubrication of the size gear can be lubricated by spray. Specific methods for by compressed air to oil mist evenly sprayed into the gear mesh point, use of oil lubrication and cooling compressed air at the same time, the lubrication effect into full play.The choice of size gear lubricant is required, choose according to its characteristics of high viscosity, strong adsorption, compression wear-resisting performance is good and has lattice crystal structure of solid lubricant.

2.The lubrication of main engine of rotary kiln
The lubrication of the main engine of rotary kiln is mainly used in the lubrication of bath oil and the lubrication of the thin oil. The thin oil lubrication station is installed under the kiln pier, which can effectively avoid the thermal radiation, thus reducing the effect of heat radiation on the quality of the lubricating oil.

3.Lubrication of grate cooler
The grate cooler drive reducer lubrication hongxing machine recommended choice immersion oil splash lubrication method, and the supporting wheel and gear wheel bearing lubrication is recommended with the method of dry oil lubrication.

4.The lubrication of the area of the large conveying mechanism of the cement factory
Cement plant large conveying machinery transmission parts of the lubrication use commonly oiled splash lubrication way has good lubrication effect, bearing lubrication oil cup grease; The large fan drives and bearings in the cement plant are forced to be lubricated by the thin oil station.

5.Lubrication of ball mill
Ball mill gear lubrication of the main choice of thin oil lubrication station circulation lubrication and cooling, and the main bearing or slipper bearing lubrication can use high and low pressure thin oil lubrication station circulation lubrication and cooling way. Among them, the start and stop time of lubrication of the ball mill is recommended to use in the sliding shoe bearing type high pressure oil, makes the slip ring float method, so that we can make the lubricating oil to form static pressure oil film effectively reduce startup torque, to avoid the low speed leads to the slip ring and direct contact of slipper, reduce the slipper wear, prolong its service life.The xingbang machine reminds you that in the process of lubrication, it is important to focus on the cooling of the lubricating oil. Can increase the cooler for forced cooling, the choice of the cooler need times larger than the same standard flow cooling area, can achieve the result of rapid cooling.Different mechanical equipment lubrication method also each are not identical, to choose the correct lubrication method, can help to better and more smooth operation, improve equipment production, also can effectively prolong the service life of equipment. For more information on the correct lubrication of mining machinery, please call the xingbang machine customer service for details.