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How to use the tailings of sand gold


          Sand gold mine is one of the important ore concentrator choose gold resources, every year our country adopt many ways such as all kinds of gold dredger for sand mining gold mine, mining more than 7000 cubic meters, the number is not small, but at the same time, the gold dredger matching selection of concentrator after discharge amount of tailings is also quite big, up to 252000 tons per year. This is a very big number, because these tailings contain a large number of useful substances, such as magnetite, hematite, ilmenite and garnet, etc., which can be used for recycled. Not only that, according to the xingbang machine, the gold grade in the tailings of the selected factory is generally higher. In recent years, the comprehensive utilization of tailings in the sand gold deposits in China has done a lot of work, have very large, and all over the country many concentrator has been verified, sand gold mine tailings can be said to be a hidden treasure, worthy of our in-depth study, the use of recycling. Such as * * gold through continuous trial and error, and trial production, finally found that the three sections of dry magnetic separation - table selection process, each year can be separation iron concentrate from tailings of 1700 t, recovery of placer gold 2.187 kg, total output value of 441200 yuan. Shaanxi gold mine adopts single 5 c600m * * x 600 m permanent magnet single roll dry separator, magnetic field intensity is 87.58 KA/m, from the tailings can be sorting out the iron concentrate grade of 65% ~ 65%, pure mineral rate 31.2%, annually produce 1100 t of iron concentrate, and USES the table to recovery of gold from 1.5309 kg, create the output value of nearly 300000 yuan. And like a * * gold mine, on the basis of experiment combined with the actual situation, choose the magnetic field intensity is 135.35 KA/m wet magnetic separator separation iron concentrate from tailings, the grade of iron concentrate was 65%, the annual production value of 500000 yuan. The mine also adopted the screening - roasting - magnetic separation - table re-election process, with an annual output of 360 t of ilmenite, choose a iron garnet 468 t and not choose 216 t of magnetite, recovery of fine gold scrap 1.218 kg, create the production value of up to 1.7 million yuan. * * geological college after experimental research on the static gravity separation, magnetic separation, magnetic separation combined process, the total gold recovery rate more than 85%, especially the MHD placer gold sorting machine for fine grained gold recovery effect is good. * * some selected plants adopt this process, and the recovery rate is up to 85%. Gravity separation, magnetic separation (table magnetic separator separation and gravity separation), the static magnetic separation, magnetic separation and gravity separation - table magnetic separator manager - magnetization roasting - magnetic separation, magnetic separation of two joint process. The gold recovery rate was 97.43%, the iron recovery rate 94.83%, and the zirconite recovery rate of 79.2%. It can recycle fine grain 5.4 kg each year, magnetite 129t, hematite, limonite, titanium iron ore 332t, zircon 1140g, net profit of 890 thousand yuan. Across multiple sand gold mine tailings cases prove that sand gold mine tailings comprehensive utilization value, and provides several sand gold mineral processing scheme for everybody, but specific to choose what kind of plan, also need to combined with the characteristics of sand gold mine tailings will choose. Chinese machinery specializing in the production of a variety of mineral processing equipment such as magnetic separation flotation production line, production line, good quality equipment, high separation efficiency, separation effect is good, the price is reasonable, can also be customized dressing for you free of charge.