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How do we improve the environment?


      At the end of January, the beijing-tianjin-hebei region experienced its worst bout of air pollution since 2015, but no city had issued a red alert. The Beijing early warning, will for the first time in 8 7 "sound" red alert heavy air pollution, motor vehicle license number, the proposal kindergarten classes of primary and secondary schools, enterprises and institutions may apply flexible arrangements. Issued by the Beijing emergency do 7 at 18, heavy air pollution warning is promoted by the "orange" to "red", this is the first time in Beijing to start the heavy air pollution red alert. Reporters learned that the heavy smog was already taking place. Beijing on August 8 issued a red alert for the first time. China has initiated a class III emergency response on June 6, and has adopted mandatory emission reduction measures such as restrictions on production limits and stops on the soil and stone. As of 7, 18, langfang, hebei xingtai, hengshui has launched orange alert, the langfang, hengshui in the implementation of the plan based on emission reduction measures, implementation of a motor vehicle. The restrictions. In addition, the beijing-tianjin-hebei region has increased its "smog reduction". As of Friday, the yellow alert was issued in jinan, zibo, tai 'an, Texas, liaocheng and heze in shandong province. In henan, 18 provincial-level cities and 10 provincial-level prefectures (municipalities) have all launched emergency measures to reduce pollution. For a long time, mining machinery manufacturing enterprises, as the heavy industry, are the biggest polluters of environmental pollution. Therefore, the responsibility of mining machinery manufacturing enterprises in the management of smog is significant. XBM's new mobile crushing equipment, which has high production capacity, energy conservation and environmental protection, nearly zero dust, and the recycling of construction waste.