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XBM has developed new construction waste disposal equipment



      According to the latest statistics show that by the end of 2016, only a year, zhengzhou city construction waste solid waste production is about 100 million tons, and with the development of urban construction and the construction of national center city of strategic planning, garbage production also will continue to grow. In order to deal with such a huge amount of construction waste, zhengzhou city administration was held in February 24, 2017 annual work conference on construction waste management and resource utilization, each county (city) to further strengthen management requirements, thus effectively solving the problem of construction waste processing.

It's not just zhengzhou. Most cities across the country are plagued by the problem of how to deal with construction waste. By 2016, our country has accumulated 10 provinces and cities and 167 district issued on construction waste management policy, but mostly stays in the stage of policy guidance, lack of maneuverability, industry is still a lack of related complete clear mark technology standards. And in the context of the current, the developers for the construction period and cost considerations, tend to construction waste cleanup work to a pickup, and pickup vehicle in order to save "in the" cost, transportation cost saving, earn "on time", car drivers often loophole, residue in casual in places such as road, bridge, suburban dumping, further increased the difficulty of the construction waste disposal. Data show that China's construction waste resource utilization rate of less than 5%, and the European Union countries recycling rate more than 90% a year, South Korea, Japan construction waste resource utilization rate has reached 98%.