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Shanghai Leaders attended XBM mobile crushing plants working



        On March 29, district party committee secretary chun-lei ma, district party committee member, politics and law committee secretary Liu Yi gets relevant department head, successively to anting, river's bridge, nanxiang, on-site management meeting, "five breach four will work to promote information.

At the city level of the key wuwusong river (anting section), ma chunlei details the progress of the project and the difficulties of the improvement. He pointed out that, in the work to promote both to "split", also to "cure", but also an effective prevention and control system, the common problems in the process of CaWei, outstanding problems, carefully combed, comprehensive ShiCe, long-term management mechanism. Then, the leaders visited the production and use of the mill and gave affirmation. The construction waste, which was produced during the process, was re-used after processing and processing of the xingbang crusher, and became the material for laying the inside of the company. Ma chunlei is very positive about this, pointing out that similar good practices should be summarized and replicated.

In the process of urbanization, it is difficult to avoid the large amount of waste generated by the construction waste and the rubbish left behind. It is fair to say that the construction waste has exacerbated tensions in the city's land resources. How to deal with and utilize more and more construction waste, has become the important issue of relevant departments of government at all levels and even the whole society. In fact, with the development of science and technology, construction waste has long been seen as a misplaced resource. Recycling is faltering, and the problem is looming, where is the end of construction waste in our city?

1.Create a "rebirth" of construction waste
In the case of the demolition, many construction workers demolish the building and remove the metal from the building, and all the rest is used as construction waste. But the construction waste can also be like living garbage classification, according to the different waste disposed of by different methods, thus saving a lot of geological mining resources and land area. The most common pieces of construction waste are concrete fragments. General construction unit to reduce cost, unify as building rubbish treatment. In fact, the concrete fragment is also a treasure, and it has at least three USES. First, the concrete is crushed and processed into walking bricks suitable for the sidewalk. The second is made of concrete bricks which can be used for the interior of buildings. When crushed, it can also be processed into a filler on the road, replacing the soil as a filler, protecting the soil and removing the rubbish.

2.Let the advanced equipment be used, the construction garbage is turned into a treasure
In the streets of jiading, the red propaganda banners are everywhere. Zero tolerance for illegal structures, individuals and businesses alike, handle affairs by the chapter, it is a good policy, but in response to improve the urban landscape at the same time, the new environmental problems, how to properly deal with construction waste?In the past, people usually spend a lot of manpower and the rubbish to the suburbs or the countryside, and deposited in the open air or without directly landfill treatment, not only takes up a lot of land, and it may destroy soil structure, causes the surface subsidence, the causes of groundwater pollution. Actually, CaWei down of garbage, is not really a rubbish, as long as after sorting, eliminate or crushing, as the reuse of renewable resources, can turn. Now more and more advanced equipment, processing CaWei garbage is more convenient, such as development, mobile crusher, this kind of machine with wheeled chassis, cover an area of an area small, convenient transportation, the maneuverability is strong, can pull in CaWei site, directly to break. It is like a small construction waste treatment plant, can seal all kinds of large chunk CaWei garbage in multistage crushing, don't have to be removed from the scene and then broken, can also move along with the advance of CaWei.Many of the waste in the trash can be reused as renewable resources after sorting, stripping or moving through a mobile crusher. Such as scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and all kinds of scrap metals such as accessories, after sorting, concentration, down, can be processed into various specifications of steel; Waste wood can be used for artificial wood; Brick, stone, concrete and other waste through mobile crushing station, after can generation of sand, used for masonry mortar, base ash mortar, concrete pad, etc., can also be used for making brick, brick pavements, beautiful case, brick and other building materials products.