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               XBM with advanced technology, careful and meticulous work attitude, and dedication, consider for the customer everywhere, dedication, and consider for the customer everywhere, development, thus has won the customers support and trust for a long time, development, and every moment of the day as an industry leader in the strict with oneself, one step at a time, out of the one with characteristic of development for enterprises growth path. "Crusher in China top ten brand" by China brand quality integrity management committee organization is chosen, selected across the country has a representative model of the crusher industry leading enterprises, the formation of leading role, in order to drive the vigorous development of crusher industry healthy and orderly.

Achievement of strength
Zhengzhou high-tech development zone is a business card of zhengzhou, the henan xingbang heavy industries machinery co., LTD. Is located here. Here are the best of henan university, zhengzhou university new campus, there are small and medium-sized enterprises gathered in the headquarters base, and gree electric appliances, such as Coca-Cola a batch of domestic well-known large enterprise with international influence, even without a certain strength of the enterprise is difficult to approved into the high-tech zone, the company can establish oneself in high-tech zone are industry leaders with a wonderful performance. Xingbang machines have more than 100 managerial and engineering personnel with medium and senior titles. Machine development, adhering to the former military enterprise rigorous work style, the enterprise to develop, now, Chinese machines already is a pronoun of henan mine machinery industry, and will contribute for the development of the central region of strong power.
Environmental protection
Modern industrial civilization, while making our lives more convenient and better, has also raised the issue of environmental protection to an unprecedented degree. Development, the machine has been committed to the cause of environmental protection as an own strength, in 2000, the Chinese machine has informed first began to develop mobile crusher, and quickly launched the first mobile crushing station. Now, after years of improvement and development, the machine's mobile crushing station improving various technical indicators, both at home and abroad plays a major role in fundamental construction, the mobile crushing technology itself is also more environmental protection than traditional crusher operation, convenient and quick development, machinery co., LTD., by own practical action to environmental causes in silence all of his own power.

Honor duty
With China's mining industry leader, Chinese people are deeply their responsibility, in both the technical level, customer experience and environmental protection concept and social responsibility, we all strive to do your best, make oneself lining up this name forever!