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Mining equipment and the mining process of magnetite



           Magnetite is a very common mineral that can be formed in various endogenous and metamorphic processes and can be rich in large deposits. It is the main ingredient of iron in industry. Magnetite ore belongs to skarn type ore, the main content of magnetite iron ore mine in also contains a small amount of sulfide minerals, and associated with non-ferrous metals such as cobalt, nickel and vanadium, gangue for skarn. The ore is speckled, breccia, banded, and lumpy. The magnetization coefficient is similar to that of a magnet. It can be divided into coarse grain, fine grain, micrograin and extremely fine grain embedded ore.
According to the physical properties of magnet ore, the most efficient method is to recycle magnetic minerals in magnetic separation method, and to recycle the sulfide minerals of the associated raw materials. The separation process is between two and four pieces, and it has one or two dry magnetic picks in the broken process, and choose not broken or finely ground. For further deep choose products, after two to three sections of fine grinding, wet magnetic separation for two to five times, won the final iron concentrate products use the league such as magnetic separation, flotation, magnetic separation or flotation process, at the same time of improving grade of iron concentrate, also can be a corresponding concentrate recovery of associated mineral products, and the desulphurization concentrate. The grain size of the magnetite is relatively coarse and the amount of the particle is less, and the magnetic separator can be used to remove the mud. The selection of mineral ores for choosing the magnet ore shall be operated according to the full cycle water supply and the utilization rate of circulating water is 75% ~ 85%.Magnetite ore dressing production line generally consists of jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener and dryers and other major equipment, equipped with feeder, elevator, conveyor shall constitute a complete beneficiation production line. Magnetite ore dressing line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy, high throughput and reasonable economy.Magnetite ore dressing production line production process is as follows: general mining ores first by the jaw crusher preliminary broken, after the broken to a reasonable fineness via elevator, feeder evenly into the ball mill, the ball mill for ore crushing and grinding into line. After ball mill grinding of ore fines into the next process: classification of spiral classifier with different proportion of solid particles in the liquid precipitation rate of different principle, mixed ore washing, grading. After cleaning and grading of the mineral mixture after magnetic separation machine, due to various mineral than susceptibility, through magnetic force and mechanical force will mixture of magnetic materials. Usually in order to obtain higher grade iron ore concentrate, can be equipped with different magneticelective machine two or more, through the rough and select, can get 60-66% iron concentrate.If it is a sulfide ore, after magnetic separator after the separation of mineral particles can be again into the flotation machine, according to the different mineral characteristics to join different drugs, make to separate minerals and other substances. The minerals that are needed are separated. Because it contains a lot of moisture, it is necessary to have the preliminary enrichment of the thickening machine, and then the drying machine is dried, and the dry mineral can be obtained.
Characteristics of ore dressing line:
1.Ability to handle the raw ore 1500-3000 tons a day.
2.Low running tail, we use hebei, Inner Mongolia, liaoning and other magnetic iron ore experiments, the tailings grade control is below 1.2.
3.Save water.
4. Can be directly output part of more than 66% of the finished product (also can be adjusted according to the demand for 60-68%), the output part of semi-finished products, semi-finished products grade can control at about 30-60%. The semi-finished product can be sold directly, or continued with the ball mill and then re-selected with the product or water option.
5.Energy consumption is low, and production costs are greatly reduced.
6.Simple structure, low failure rate. In addition to the traditional magnetic separation flotation production line process and production technology, development, heavy industry can provide all kinds of new magnetite ore dressing equipment production line, the direct reverse flotation, including cationic reverse flotation collector and anionic collector against float to choose; Selective flocculation, anionic trapping and reagent; The magnetic iron oxide minerals are recovered from the weak magnetic field and then reselected for weak magnetic iron oxide minerals. Weak magnetic selection, or weak magnetic selection; Weak magnetic choice - strong magnetic field selection, strong magnetic selective concentrate selection; Weak magnetic election-strong magnetic election-strong magnetic selective concentrate reverse flotation; Roasting magnetic separation; Direct restoration of the original starting of xingbang heavy industries