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XBM has developed a new mobile crushing plants


Mobile crushing station is mobile crusher equipment, mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, often need to move operations such as construction waste materials processing, etc.
The performance characteristics :
1.Mobility. Mobile reaction type crushing station, mobile cone crushing station and mobile jaw crushing plant can be direct thorough job site, both for ordinary highway, also facilitate bumpy road environment bad move.
2.Compact structure, easy to use. Mobile counterattack type broken station integrated vehicle complete set of equipment, greatly saves the space. Bring in the electric power generating unit, motor and control box to facilitate the field operation; The supporting equipment is equipped with the supporting equipment to make the site easy and convenient.
3, reduce cost and reduce cost. The mobile fragmentation station can break the material, avoid the circulation of the material, greatly reduce the transportation cost of the material.
4.Higher applicability. Mobile crushing plant can not only single unit run independently, also can be combined for coarse crushing, finely two crushing screening system, coarse crushing, crusher, finely three stage crushing screening system; Or the site needs to be assembled into a pre-broken or sieving system.
5.Stable performance and convenient maintenance. The mobile counterattack type fragmentation station is equipped with the more performance of the crusher, feeder and vibratory screen, stable performance and convenient maintenance. It is equipped with regular belt conveyor, simple operation, mature technology, low investment and high yield.
6.Be flexible. Mobile crushing plant can be according to the customer's job site, the size and the shape of material, such as requirements, to special customization of mobile crushing plant, to provide customers with more suitable for production of equipment, such as: single type, more product combination, since the load of belt conveyor, etc. [1]
Use of mobile broken stations:
1, has been widely used in mining, coal mining, waste and the recycling of construction waste, conditions, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations.
2.Dealing with topsoil and other materials; Separating the viscous and glutinous aggregates; Buildings and explosives industries; A broken sieve; Quarrying industry.
3.The man-made sand of rocks, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, pyroxite, anshan rock, etc.), ore tailings, and stone filings.