220t/h crushing project of Hebei construction waste

The project party is a construction waste crushing company in Hebei province in China . With the continuous economic development, construction waste is increasing. The accumulation of construction waste will not only take up a lot of land space, but also cause pollution to the environment. In addition, construction waste is relatively large and relatively scattered. In order to reduce costs and take into account the practicability of the equipment, in order to achieve a higher rate of return, the company finally chose Xingbang Heavy Industry equipment after multiple investigations and comparisons of plans. Based on the actual situation of the customer, the senior technicians of Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. have formulated a crawler mobile crushing production line plan for the customer. The project adopts Xingbang Heavy Industry's advanced mobile crushing station technology, which greatly reduces unnecessary waste. It has been successfully put into production. .


For crushing equippment choice, Xingbang Heavy Industry Crawler Jaw Crusher. Screening is equipped with a Xingbang Heavy Industry Crawler Screening Station for screening. Such a crushing-screening production line is equipped to obtain recycled sand and gravel of different sizes. Aggregate is reused as a renewable resource.


Construction waste is also increasing, and construction waste is relatively scattered, so the equipment must have a strong ability to transfer operations. The combination of crawler-type jaw crusher + crawler-type screening station configured . It is suitable for a wide range of working conditions, and the transition is very convenient. Under any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach any position of the work site and is quickly put into production. The crawler screening station can screen out 3 or 4 aggregates of different specifications according to the customer's choice.

Customer Reviews:

I originally wanted to build a fixed crushing production line, but it took time to build a lot of infrastructure, which was very troublesome. However, after choosing the mobile crushing station of Xingbang Heavy Industry, no need worry. After simple debugging, it was put into production immediately, saving a lot of time. The capacity is also up to design one, and I feel that my choice is correct. It is a good product!


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