Fujian Basalt 400t/h Crushing Project

Basalt, the main component of oceanic crust, is a basic volcanic rock. It is the most important component of the oceanic crust of the earth and the moon and sea, and also an important component of the earth's crust and the lunar land. Basalt is a material used in the repair of roads, railways, and airport runways. It has strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, asphalt adhesion basalt, basalt has abrasion resistance, low draft, and electrical conductivity. The advantages of poor, strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and asphalt adhesion have been recognized internationally and are the cornerstone of the development of high-quality railway and road transportation. Due to the need to expand the production line, Fujian No. 1 Mining Company chose to cooperate with our company after consultation and comparison and on-site inspections.


According to a configuration of the customer's current production line, it is recommended that the customer install a crawler jaw crusher and a mobile screening station to improve the crushing and screening process, and build a complete production line.


Because basalt has strong compression resistance, the jaw crusher is used for crushing. The crawler jaw crushing station is used for the coarse and pre-crushing stages of materials. It is suitable for the crushing of medium and high hardness natural stones, mining stones, and construction waste. One-stop solution for coarse material crushing. For screening, a crawler mobile screening station is selected, which can be applied to the screening of materials of different fineness. Aggregates of different strengths can be screened according to customer needs. According to the different particle size and material of the finished product, we can also provide customers with various types and uses of crawler mobile screening equipment.

Customer Reviews:

This is a very successful cooperation. Based on our actual situation, coupled with your company's recommendations, and comprehensive consideration, we have purchased a crawler jaw crusher and a mobile screening station, which are running well. After looking at many companies, I finally chose Xingbang Heavy Industries, which proved to be correct!


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