Guangdong 220 t/h construction waste crushing project

The Guangdong client is a construction company. In order to reduce the high cost of construction waste transfer, it is considering purchasing mobile crushing equipment. Carry out on-site treatment of construction waste, and use the processed finished aggregate for construction, reducing secondary waste of resources and saving engineering construction costs.

Taking into account the complex conditions of the construction site, we recommend that customers configure mobile crushing equipment.


In this project program, we have equipped customers with crawler impact crushing equipment, installed a vibrating screen on the crushing station to achieve integrated crushing and screening operations. This set of equipment has a high crushing ratio, and the quality of the finished product is excellent, which meets the standards for building sand and gravel aggregates. It can be driven directly into the construction site. Although the road conditions on the construction site are complicated, the crawler moves and walks freely.


The crawler impact crushing equipment equipped on the production line is mainly used in the medium crushing stage of materials. It is suitable for the reprocessing of medium-soft and hard natural stones and construction waste to ensure the production of high-quality finished products with cubic grains. The equipment can be equipped with a vibrating screen or used in conjunction with other equipment according to needs to efficiently and quickly complete the crushing and screening of materials. The crawler is mobile, suitable for a wide range of working conditions, and the transition is very convenient. Under any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach any position of the work site, quickly put into production, and shorten the construction period. The equipment adopts advanced technology, high crushing rate, adjustable particle size of the finished product, which ensures the excellent particle shape and cleanliness of the finished product, and meets the high standards of construction aggregate. Global UNPROFOR turbocharged engine, direct driving force, load sensing system, low fuel consumption and cost saving.

Customer Reviews:

It was originally stumped by the problem of the disposal of construction waste, and it would cost money to transport it away. Now Xingbang Heavy Industries is selected to crush and screen on-site and process construction waste on-site. Moreover, the processed finished stone can be used for construction, which greatly saves the cost of construction, and the machine has good quality and high crushing efficiency.


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