Hubei 300t/h construction waste crushing project

Construction waste refers to the muck, waste concrete, waste masonry and other wastes produced by people in the production activities of the construction industry such as demolition, construction, decoration and repair. According to the source of generation, construction waste can be divided into construction waste, decoration waste, demolition waste, and engineering mud. Classified by composition, construction waste can be divided into muck, concrete blocks, gravel blocks, brick and tile fragments, waste mortar, mud, asphalt blocks, waste plastics, waste metals, waste bamboo and wood. A customer in Hubei found that construction waste still has a large utilization capacity, so it plans to configure a production line dedicated to crushing construction waste.


Through communication with customers and field visits by technicians, we have equipped customers with crawler counterattack crushing equipment, and installed a vibrating screen on the crushing station, which can achieve integrated crushing and screening operations. This set of equipment has a high crushing ratio, and the quality of the finished product is excellent, which meets the standards for building sand and gravel aggregates. Moreover, the customer needs to transfer operations, the crawler crushing station can be quickly and easily transferred and put into use immediately.


Construction waste is a major problem in the current society, but it is not all without economic value. The construction waste crushing equipment developed by Xingbang Heavy Industry Company based on this problem successfully solved this problem. The concrete after the construction waste treatment equipment can produce fine aggregates suitable for the production of non-burning bricks. The steel bars will be separated after passing through the iron remover. , Recycling and reuse can realize the recycling of construction waste concrete. Equipped with mobile equipment, simple debugging can be put into production, saving equipment installation and debugging time, optimizing the equipment layout of the construction site, without concrete foundation and a large amount of steel structure and supporting equipment, and reducing the waste of materials, no matter it is time Both capital and manpower can be saved.

Customer Reviews:

Construction waste is a headache for many people, but after crushing and screening treatment, it can completely turn waste into treasure. After my various investigations, the mobile crushing station of Xingbang Heavy Industry was finally selected, which is indeed very good. After simple debugging, it was put into production immediately. The amount of crushing is amazing, and the after-sales service of large factories is guaranteed!


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