The six departments jointly issued the "Implementation Opin


In order to fully implement the new development concept and the decisions and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization in the mining sector, and accelerate the transformation and green development of the mining industry, recently, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and the Securities Regulatory Commission Jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Green Mines" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") requirements, increase policy support, accelerate the process of green mine construction, and strive to form a new mining development model that meets the requirements of ecological civilization construction by 2020.

The "Opinions" clarified the three major construction goals of green mine construction: First, basically form a new pattern of green mine construction. All newly built mines meet the requirements for green mine construction, and production mines are accelerated to upgrade and gradually meet the requirements. Establish thousands of science and technology-led and innovation-driven models of green mines, implement one hundred green exploration project demonstrations, build more than 50 green mining development demonstration areas, and form a batch of new models, mechanisms, and systems that can be replicated and promoted. The second is to build a new way to transform the mining development mode. Innovate new industrial development models for resource conservation, intensive and recycling use and new ways for mining economic growth, speed up the upgrading of green environmental protection technology, technology and equipment, intensify the management of the ecological environment in mines, and vigorously promote the conservation and intensive use of land in mining areas and the protection of arable land to guide the formation Effective mining investment, etc. The third is to establish a new mechanism for green mining development. Study and establish a green mine construction work system at four levels of national, provincial, city, and county joint creation, enterprise owner construction, third-party evaluation, and social supervision, improve the standard system for green exploration and green mine construction, improve supporting incentive policy systems, and build green mining develop a long-term mechanism.

The main content of the "Opinions": First, formulate leading standards and build green mines. All localities should follow the requirements of green mine construction, refine the standards, clarify the environmental aspects of mining areas, development and utilization methods, resource conservation and intensive utilization, modern mine construction, mine harmony and corporate cultural image and other green mine assessment indicators, so as to form full coverage of major industries, a distinctive green mine standard system. Promote the planning, design, construction, and operation management of new mines in accordance with the requirements of green mine standards; for production mines, all regions must make comprehensive deployment requirements based on actual conditions, actively promote mine upgrading and transformation, and gradually meet the requirements of green mine construction; choose green mine construction progress results Prominent counties or cities will build a number of green mining development demonstration zones; establish the concept of green environmental protection surveys, strictly implement the ecological and environmental protection measures for survey construction, and effectively implement surveys and green surveys in accordance with the law to reduce the impact of geological surveys on the ecological environment. The second is to increase policy support and accelerate the construction process. Implement mineral resources support policies; guarantee green mine construction land, support and guarantee the land demand for the transformation and development of green mining enterprises and demonstration areas in terms of annual plans, acquisition of new mining land, and use of stock land; increase financial and tax policy support, Increasing support for green mines in terms of coordinating central and local fiscal funding arrangements, implementing tax reductions and exemptions for high-tech enterprises, etc.; innovating green financial support policies, increasing support from the implementation of supportive green credit, supporting listing and financing, and building a credit reporting system. Great support. The third is to innovate the evaluation mechanism and strengthen supervision and management. The fourth is to implement the division of responsibilities and coordinate the advancement.

The "Opinions" also clarified the construction requirements for green mines in seven industries including coal, petroleum, non-ferrous metals, gold, metallurgy, chemicals, and non-metals, and the construction requirements for a green mining development demonstration zone, providing guidance for the formulation of specific standards.

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