How to choose a ball mill?


Ball mill is the key equipment for crushing materials after being crushed. It is widely used in the production industries of cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal beneficiation, and glass ceramics. The ball mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device with outer gear transmission. The cylinder is equipped with medium (steel balls). The material is brought to a certain extent by the cylinder at the feeding end. As the cylinder rotates, the centrifugal force generated by the movement of the cylinder Falling after the height, produces irregular sliding and rolling, and produces a heavy blow to the material. Therefore, the medium, the material, and the cylinder have a grinding effect to grind the material.

The choice of ball mill seems simple, but it is not. We have to consider factors such as the nature of the original ore, the output of the beneficiation process, equipment performance, parameter values and other factors to select the suitable ball mill equipment. Here is an introduction to these four aspects one by one to help you choose the right and appropriate equipment.

1. Nature of raw ore

The nature of the raw ore mainly refers to the hardness of the ore. The hardness of the ore determines the diameter and length of the ball mill barrel. For fragile minerals with smaller hardness, the diameter of the barrel can be selected according to the daily output. In terms of the barrel length, You can choose a shorter length to avoid over-grinding. For harder ores with greater hardness, a ball mill with a larger cylinder diameter is required to increase the inner space of the cylinder and strengthen the grinding effect of the grinding medium on the minerals. It is necessary to choose a longer barrel and increase the grinding time to make the discharge particle size reach the standard quickly and avoid multiple rework.

2. Output of beneficiation process

The output of the beneficiation process, the production capacity and the scale of the beneficiation plant should be the leading factors in choosing the ball mill of the beneficiation plant, and the remaining conditions can be considered as the second priority. The output of the selected ball mill is lower than the scale of the plant, which may delay the construction period and even affect the subsequent selection operations. The output of the selected ball mill is higher than the scale of the plant, which will cause unnecessary waste. In addition, when selecting Complex concentrate regrind, medium ore regrind, tailings regrind, heavy separation coarse grinding, fine grinding, etc., all require reasonable planning.

3. Equipment performance

In the selection of equipment performance, we must first consider whether it can adapt to the beneficiation technology and scale. For example, some chemicals or minerals may be easily oxidized or corrosive. In this case, choose silica balls, ceramic balls, ceramic liners, Rubber liner, etc.

4. Parameter value

Before selecting the ball mill model, the effective volume, optimal speed, processing capacity, maximum ball loading, motor power, etc. of the ball mill should be roughly calculated according to the scale of the beneficiation plant and the beneficiation process, and refer to the technical parameter values given by the professional ball mill manufacturer. Comparing, finally choose the suitable model, in addition, you need to consider the wear of the liner, steel ball and other accessories when choosing.

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